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I can deposit money with my bank card instantly in mobile money accounts (Orange Money, Mobi Cash, …) of my relatives in Africa by being anywhere in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do to send money to a mobile?

If your beneficiary lives in a country where we offer this service, you can send him money on his mobile phone.

A mobile wallet is an electronic account linked to the mobile of a person.Money can be deposited electronically and used in the same way as cash.Mobile wallets are used to pay for goods, transport pool and utility companies, as well as to pay bills and withdraw money.

No. The sender does not need to have a mobile wallet to be able to send money to a mobile.

The exchange rates used to send money to mobiles are calculated, applied and displayed at the time of sending, unless otherwise stipulated by local law.

The funds are sent to the mobile number provided.To ensure that your money is sent to the right beneficiary, you must provide the correct mobile number.

Money deposits are usually made in the currency of the beneficiary's country. Some different currency banks may charge you for out-of-area conversion fees.

The beneficiary receives an SMS from his mobile operator to confirm that the money has been delivered or to warn him if there is a problem.

If your beneficiary lives in a country where we offer the deposit of money to a mobile, you can send him money on his mobile in minutes.Your beneficiary must have activated a mobile wallet with 'one of our mobile operators partners in his country.

We can always pay with a Visa® or Mastercard® credit card Payment options available for your country: Payment card: Visa®, Visa Electron®, MasterCard®, Maestro® , Carte Bleue® Visa, American Express ®, JCB® and VPAY®

You can send up to 1,000 EUR over a period of 5 days before we have to verify your identity.
Once completed, your shipping limit will increase to EUR 5,000 per 3-day period.

Verified by Visa® and MasterCard SecureCode® programs help to prevent unauthorized use of cards on the internet.These services use credentials or passwords and are available for the majority of cards issued by participating financial institutions.
Once your card is activated, its number is recognized everywhere you use it, in all participating online shops A window opens automatically and the issuer of your card asks you for your word You will then enter your password to verify your identity and complete your purchase.
Even if you have not activated Verified by Visa® or MasterCard SecureCode®, you can still use your card on our site.

The online summary indicates if your deposit has been accepted If we need additional information to process it, we will inform you that once the deposit is complete you will receive an email containing the information.

Effectively. Mobile money accounts are like bank accounts but on phones. They offer services and bill the customer for withdrawals such as at the bank with account maintenance fees. It is for this reason that it is preferable that the beneficiary does not withdraw the money but to use it because with mobile money, we can do everything with (payment water, electricity, WiFi Internet connection, telephone credit, taxi , shop, pharmacy, housekeeper, supplies, etc.). Mobile money accounts replace the use of cash in Africa.